Easy How To Install Carpet on a Concrete Floor

How To Install Carpeting on a Concrete Floor

JT Floor Covering out of Interlochen, Michigan shows us how to install carpeting on a concrete (or cement) floor with step-by-step easy to understand instructions.

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So glad you are  here with us today!  Grab a seat and get ready to learn HOW you can install your very own carpeting on a concrete/cement floor!  My son Jason (Denine’s), the owner of JT Floor Covering showed us in very easy to understand steps.


Please make sure you watch the video first and refer back to our step-by-step instructions as a guide.


Measuring tape, drill, masonry drill bit, hammer, box cutter, duct tape, carpet stretcher (aka knee kicker which can be purchased or rented), rubber mallet hammer and of course the carpet and padding.


  1. Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly.
  2. Scrape all irregularities off the floor.
  3. Once again sweep and vacuum.
  4. Install concrete tack strips around the perimeter of the room, but not in the entryway area.  Remember when hammering the tack strips use the hand that will be against the wall.
  5. Measure and lay the binder or transitional strip in the area that will come into contact with the other flooring.  Often this is the entryway.
  6. Drill holes in the concrete using a masonry drill bit into the tack strips that did not adhere to the concrete and the binder strip.
  7. Hammer masonry nails into those drilled holes.
  8. Roll out and cut the carpet padding to the size of the room with a box cutter.
  9. Using a shuffling motion (see video) – stretch the padding out.
  10. Using a box cutter trim the padding to inside the tack strip and binder.
  11. Use duct tape to adhere the padding to the tack strips.
  12. Tape seams of padding together where necessary.
  13. Roll out the pre-measured carpet piece and cut to size.
  14. Stretch the carpet onto the tack strips using a carpet stretcher (knee kicker).
  15. Trim off any excess carpet using a box cutter or carpet knife.
  16. Finish off the carpeted floor by using a rubber mallet hammer to close the binder strip over the carpet.  We used a binder strip the length of our wall as we installed Luxury Vinyl Floor Covering in the kitchen section of the studio.
  17. Celebrate a job well done & enjoy!

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