Quick & Easy Drywall Hole Repair

Do you have a hole you need to repair in your drywall?  I have always been intimidated by the process until a professional showed me his trick!

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Come on in! Get your coffee and pull up a chair to learn how to do this super, smart and easy trick to repair holes in your drywall walls!


That’s right!  I was intimidated by the process of repairing holes in my walls.  From large to small – it didn’t matter – I would just cover them with a picture or something to avoid facing it.  It just seemed like an overwhelming process.  BUT was I wrong!Drywall hole repair

A friend who is a professional contractor came out to do some other repairs on my house and (I am embarrassed to say) saw some of my cover-ups for those holes.  When he asked why the holes where there I shared my shame that I just didn’t know how to tackle them and it just seemed too big a project for me.  Truthfully, my husband was the one who did those repairs and when he pass away I just didn’t know how to tackle them.

He wasn’t really surprised by my response as he had run into it before. However, I was super excited when he offered to share a really simple process with me if I was willing to learn.  When he explained what was involved I was all set to get started.

As you can guess, I went ahead and repaired all my holes, plus some at my son’s house!  Amazing – right!  You can do this simple repair as well.  Come learn this trick with us.


This repair is for fairly small holes.  I have repaired a circular ceiling hole up to 10 inches and it is still holding a year later.  We recommend you use good judgement to determine if this repair will hold for you.


Utility knife, pencil, measuring tape, drywall scraps, putty knife, scissors, sand paper,  joint compound, and round things that measure according to your hole (see video above).

*SPECIAL NOTE: We recommend watching the video for visual details especially for Steps 4-10.


  1. If your hole is not circular, you will need to cut around it carefully and make it a circle using a utility knife.Drywall hole repair
  2. Measure the hole.Drywall hole repair
  3. Search your house for items that are circular.  It will need to fit inside the hole about a 1/4″ smaller all around.  The second round item should measure 2″ bigger than your hole.Drywall hole repair
  4. Take your scrap drywall that is at least 3″(around) larger than your hole and place your smaller circular item on the right side (see video above) of it and draw a circle around it.
  5. You will now place the second larger circular item over the drawing of the first one (see video above). It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to center it.  Draw a circle around it.
  6. Using a utility knife cut around the outside edge of the larger circle.  It is helpful if your second round item is solid enough to use as a guide.
  7. Carefully bend back the drywall from the cut circle (see video above).  Take a utility knife or scissors to cut through the paper portion of the drywall leaving you with a circle of drywall.
  8. Score around the inner circle, but do not go all the way through the paper on the wrong side (see video above).
  9. Make scoring marks from the inner circle to the outer circle on the right side of the drywall (see video above).
  10. Gently peel the small drywall sections off leaving the paper on the wrong side intact (see video above).  This is important as this is the “special” hack.
  11. Check to make sure the drywall circle fits into your hole.  You want it to be pretty close in size but lose enough to place it inside leaving the outer paper portion against the wall.
  12. Using the putty knife spread the joint compound thickly 2-3″  around the outside of the hole. Note: If you have a popcorn or other textured wall you will want to scrap it smooth around the edge about 2-3″ before applying the joint compound.
  13. Put additional joint compound on the paper portion of the repair circle (see video above).
  14. Put the circle into the hole and press firmly enough to cause some joint compound to squeeze out so you can smooth it around the hole using your putty knife (and/or fingers).
  15. Wait at least 24 hours for the repair to dry.
  16. Gently sand the area smooth and you are ready to paint your repair!


My repair was a popcorn ceiling which did not require sanding before painting.  I did not want to purchase a whole container of popcorn joint compound, so I through in some small beads I had in my craft cabinet. Not perfect, but worked well for the laundry room!Drywall hole repair

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