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What Type Of Apple Personality Are You?

Are you a tart, sweet, juicy, tough, green, red, yellow, mixed (list goes on) apple?  Take the quiz below to see which apple personality you are.

While you’re at it learn more about apples from the experts at Brookwood Fruit Farms located in Almont, Michigan.

Hi Y’All!

We have had so much fun at Brookwood Fruit Farms.  The helpful folks there answered all our questions and allowed us to play in their orchards!  What a crew!  Grab your apple spiced cider and donuts and follow us on an interesting tour into APPLE LAND.Tea for two

What Type Of Apple Personality Are You?

Seriously, who doesn’t love to take fun quizzes.  You know the ones that make you smile or sometimes laugh right out loud.  I know we do at The Hard Hat Belles just for kicks and giggles.  So take a quick moment and pop on over to the link below to find out your apple personality type.  Remember to come back though. . . to find out how to make those awesome apple chips.  We’ve added our own twist to making them as crisp as possible short of burning them:o)

Your Apple Personality Quiz

Now that you have found out your Apple Personality let’s get on with the baking of Apple Chips!

Apple Chips

Apple Chips

Supplies needed: Apples, spices, mandolin slicer (or knife), cookie sheet, parchment paper and an ovenmandolin slicer

Slice the apples.

Place a sheet of parchment paper onto a cookie sheet (psst…waxpaper did not work), and place a single layer of apple slices onto the parchment.  If desired sprinkle spices on the apple slices.  We like pumpkin spice or cinnamon sugar.

Apples on a cookie sheet

Place cookie sheet into preheated oven of 200 degrees for 2 hours.  Prop open the oven door about two inches.  This will allow the apples to get crisper.  Drying the apples out in humid climates is difficult to get them crisp, but propping the door open helps them to become crispier.

Crisp apple slices

To view the details of how to make these awesome Apple Chips view our video here.


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