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Coffee Filter Hacks – Without Using Coffee

Need more time in your day? Do you like short cuts or cheats?  We do too!  Our coffee filter hacks will have you looking at your coffee filters differently from now on.


Hi Y’all!

Welcome to The Hard Hat Belles little world on the web.  We are all about doing DIYs, LIYs, Crafts and Recipes with a great deal of laughs and fun.  So grab that cup of coffee (just because it is coffee filter hacks today and I LOVE my coffee!), pull up a seat and learn how you can use those coffee filters to make and take some short cuts to leave you more time for your busy life.

Tea for two

When I was younger I really wasn’t much of a coffee drinker so I really had no need to learn about coffee or those paper coffee filters. I would drink it occasionally while socializing, but I can honestly say that I don’t really remember liking it much then either.

I can’t remember when I began to enjoy coffee.  I think it was somewhere between my husband, Bill, who was a truck driver and drank coffee by the truck loads and my need to fill it full of sugar and milk.  Somewhere down that road I started drinking coffee every morning and throughout the day……..I do draw the line at drinking it after six because I really can’t afford to stay awake until four in the morning. So I learned more about coffee and coffee filters.

Eventually, I began to look forward to my coffee.  Now I take it with flavored creamer (yea, tons of sugar there too).  My favorite is International Delight Hershey Chocolate Caramel Creamer.  What’s your favorite way to drink it (leave a comment below)?  For me it is the only reason to get up in the mornings……yea for coffee! Seriously, I am not a morning person and I need that cup of Java for a boost. However, I do have to drink decaffeinated though or you can just wait  and peel me off the ceiling and walls later.

Today we are publishing a video and this blog dedicated to the almighty coffee filter.  Did you know that the difference between the white and brown coffee filters is that the white ones have been bleached. For more information on that and the history of coffee filters (interesting story) stop by the driftaway.coffee website.  White or brown – coffee filters have a lot of uses that they can be used for besides brewing that special cup-of-stuff for you. We’ve listed several ideas for you, but let your imagination go and see how many different uses you can come up with.  Remember you can also check out Pinterest and Google for more ideas. Let us know in the comments below.

Coffee Filters

  • Wipe down windows and mirrors lint free (wet & dry)
  • Wrap cut celery stalks in a coffee filter before putting them in a plastic bag to store in the refrigerator – keeps them fresh longerSprouting Seeds
  • To sprout seeds, dampen a coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a zip-lock plastic bag
  • Clean hands of dirt if you forget your garden gloves
  • Doing something to get sweaty? Awesome to wipe sweat, dirt and oils off your face.
  • Keep some in your pocket when walking your pet for quick clean upsPlanter strainer
  • Use in the bottom of a planter to block holes that allow dirt to trickle through
  • Use as disposable bowls for individual snacks
  • Great for holding hot dogs and tacos together (especially for little hands)
  • Keep a package in your car in place of napkins or paper towels (and they are sturdier)
  • Wrap Christmas decorations inGlasses Sunglasses
  • Get those finger prints off your glasses/sunglasses lint free (my fav)
  • Use in place of cotton balls removing nail polish (lint free-no more strings of cotton)
  • Use as a disposable cover in the microwave
  • Use as a potpourri holder for dressers and closetsSpice bag
  • Put flavorings (bay leaves, woody herb stems, etc.) in a coffee filter, tie with string, and stick in soup while cooking for quick and easy removal later.
  • Multi purpose camping tool (every camper should have them on hand)
  • Use as a strainer (for tea, pulp & seeds from juice)Compost
  • And finally they not only work great on the bottom of the compost container to keep it all together, but the coffee filters are earth friendly (biodegradable)
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Ceiling Fan VerseHi Y’all!

Welcome to The Hard Hat Belles way to DIY (do it yourself) and LIY (learn it yourself).  Do it, learn it and laugh!!

We are just so happy that you have stopped by. Grab your coffee or tea and please sit a bit and visit.

Tea for twoWhen we first decided to roll out a video channel as well as a blog,   we thought we would start with an easy show.  Our fantastic fan cleaning episode. Well let me tell you – what we thought would be easy – was not.

Wiebke was the one who came up with idea of cleaning a ceiling fan with a pillow case (I seriously think my fan blades made her crazy), which you can view on YouTube  here or at the bottom of this blog.

I don’t know how it happens, but my ceiling fans just gather dust like spots on a Holstein dairy cow….even though I live on a paved road, my driveway is dirt and I am surrounded by farm land and it is a constant battle to keep the ceiling fans clean.  Now Wiebke’s ceiling fans are always pretty clean.  I don’t know how she does it as she DOES live on a dirt road. Nevertheless,   I cannot say enough about cleaning the fan blades this way except WHY didn’t I know about this sooner.

Cleaning the fan with a pillow case was a piece of cake, but we had to repeat it several times until we finally got into the swing of filming.  So much to learn; script writing, equipment, timing, audio, and filming just amazed us.  We were excited and scared spitless at the same time.  Trust me when I say we are not natural actors (although Wiebke is actually pretty good), but Wiebke and I are really good at having fun with whatever we do.   Come join us, we’re glad you’re here!

This method is super easy and can be done at any time.  All you need is a ceiling fan, a pillow case (I use a dark one which I keep for just that job), gloves (to keep your hands clean – I don’t bother myself as my hands are washable), a pair of goggles (for loose dust) and a step ladder.  I really wished I had known about this several years ago.  My husband was a fan fanatic.  He was always hot and we had one in every room.  Now no more clearing the table or bed before or after cleaning the fan.  It makes me want to do it more often too because now it is not an involved chore.  Five minutes per fan tops!!


  1. Make sure the fan is off as you never know what or who may be hanging around.Peonie's Fan Ride

2.  Supplies Needed: Goggles, pillow case, gloves and you made need a step stool or ladder to reach your ceiling fan. Please use caution when climbing either item. Please see disclaimer here.

Ceiling fan supplies3.  Place the open pillow case over the fan blade.


4.  Press both sides of the pillowcase to the fan blade and drag the pillowcase towards you.


4a.  Repeat until all blades are dusted.

  1. Shake dust out of the pillowcase outside then toss in the washer.

Ceiling fan washer

Easy, peasy and no mess – I love it and you will too!


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