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Amazingly Simple Zip Tie Hacks

Bible Verse Colossians 3:14

Hi Y’all!.

Welcome to our little corner of the web world.  We are just feeling peachy that you made it in time.  Grab your cuppa stuff – grab yourself a seat and we will explore the world of zip ties.

Tea for two

My husband Bill always loved to have zip ties (some people call them cable ties), on hand. He’d have them in his tool box (several), on his work bench, in his truck, and even in his fishing tackle box.Bunch of Zipties

I swear that man would invent things just to be able to use a zip tie. My husband use to say that I was the duct tape (or as he said duck tape) queen.  If I am the duck tape queen then he surely was the zip tie king.

In our household we have used them for keeping wires organized on all our gaming systems to zipping a hidden key away to mending wire closet shelves to using it as a curtain hook replacement.  I have to say that I can see where his love for them comes from.  They are so Zip tied wire racksversatile, easy to use, and inexpensive. Not to mention that they are pretty strong as well.


Truthfully, with zip ties and your imagination the possibilities are unlimited.  Let’s face it…if cops can use them for handcuffs then we should be able to use them everywhere – okay, not everywhere – but you get the idea.  Plus (happy dance), they come in an amazing variety of colors, thicknesses and lengths!

Peonie zip tying

At The Hard Hat Belles we decided to explore our own creativity to see how many different things we could use them for…. So stick around and see what we have come up with!


  • Replace a curtain hookPotted plant zip tied
  • Keep wires together
  • Mend closet shelves
  • Hide keys in unusual places
  • To help hang a picture frame
  • Stake plants in the garden or in a pot
  • Loop around a hanger to hang/separate scarves or ties
  • Keep broken mirrors attached to your car
  • In place of shoe laces
  • Make a key ring (or repair one)
  • To attach items to each other
  • Child proof the house
  • Holding outdoor Christmas decorations in place
  • Repair chain link fence or chicken fencingJacket zipper replacement
  • Repair backpacks (possibly purses)
  • To hang things from
  • Unlimited survival uses (i.e. splints)
  • Broken zipper replacements (or belts)
  • Use to color code
  • THHB Disclaimer

To get an idea on how to use the zip ties and to see how versatile they are check out our video here.  

You can also get more ideas at our Pinterest site here.

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