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How To Conquer Your SmartPhone 101 Episode 1

Episode 1: The Basics

Hi Y’all!

Welcome to the Hard Hat Belles website.  We couldn’t be happier to have you land on our page than if today were Christmas.  We have been really busy listening to our readers and gathering up the ideas for future videos.  We are excited about the ideas – keep them coming in!  Let’s get started; grab your favorite go-to drink and a seat and we’ll get started on today’s topic – Conquer Your Smart Phone 101 Episode 1.

Tea for two

We All Have “Those” People

Both Wiebke and I have family and friends who are SmartPhone challenged.  We are always being asked, “how to do this” or “I don’t know how that happened” with their SmartPhones.  I can understand being SmartPhone challenged as I am seriously Twitter challenged.  No matter how many times I try to “get” it I just can’t, hence why I have four accounts and cannot access or do anything with them.  Heck, I don’t even know how to get rid of them. So, to save us and our loved ones from starting a SmartPhone war, we came up with a tutorial series that those challenged family and friends can refer back to over and over again.

What We Want You To Know

In this series on Conquer Your SmartPhone 101 we will be going through a series of tutorials via our YouTube channel TheHardHat Belles.  To date we have a series of 11 episodes, but may expand into an advanced series. Although most SmartPhones are similar there may be a few brands this tutorial will not cover. What we plan to initially cover are the following topics:SmartPhone Basics 1

What To Expect

This series will be geared to the people who like to learn slowly and in small steps. We will also provide – for free – a print out of the tutorial instructions so you can have a handy reference sheet to practice and practice and practice. Here at our blog we will go into some more details that may have been unclear from our video.  You can also address any questions you may have in the comment section below and we will work to get them all answered.

Conquer Your SmartPhone 101:            The Basics

Smart Phone Basics 1


Once you have completed The Basics 1 tutorial you will be ready to tackle the next video – The Basics II, which will cover the phone controls (i.e. power button, on/off, ringer & more).  Please join us for the next video and blog.

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If you have any comments or questions about how to Conquer Your SmartPhone or other ideas for us to try, please let us know below in the comments.

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Love & Hugs,

Denine & Wiebke