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Easy Work Snacks and Containers

Do you have trouble leaving the house for work on time?  Well, I certainly do!  I always plan ahead of time when I need to leave the house to get to work . . . .  but then an unexpected chore needs doing before I can leave.  AND thinking of snacks for work is just one more thing to add to my list before I can leave.

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Grab that pumpkin Cappuccino (my favorite in the fall) and a seat and let’s find out how we can save time getting ready for work by making snacks ahead for the week.

Tea for two

Getting To Work On Time

Can be a real challenge for me.  It doesn’t really matter when my job starts…7am…..10am…..3pm……6pm….  It really doesn’t matter  – I will still have a hundred things to do before I can walk out the door.

It’s not like I don’t plan my time or get things ready ahead of time – seriously, for me it just is tough.to.get. out.the.door.

I start getting ready for work 1 1/2 hours before I need to leave. I feed and water the dogs, pack my lunch/dinner,  grab a few snacks, put on my make-up, get dressed, grab my to-go bag and head out the door. . . You’d think it would work.   Then I might remember I didn’t check that the doors were locked, or did I turn off the coffee pot?  For instance yesterday at the last minute the new puppy let me know she needed one last potty call. . . all would have went fine except I stepped in one of her previous little gifts which required me cleaning my shoe before I left.  And so goes my life trying to get out the door on time.  Please tell me that I am not the only one these things happen to.  Does anyone else run into problems like this?

Snacks Ahead Help Save Time

Easy Work Snacks

One of the time savers I have found to work for me is to get my snacks ready ahead of time.  I get a plan together and figure out what I am going to have for the week.  That way it is a no brainer time saver for me.

We have put together 4 snack ideas for you to follow leaving the 5th one up to your own imagination.  Making these ahead will save time throughout the week.  We recommend keeping a container in the pantry and in the fridge specifically for your weeks worth of snacks.  This way you will have them handy and always know the go-to spot to gather your snacks up.

Supplies To Start With

We matched up some containers, plastic and glass to put our snacks into.  In the canning world a large or small mouth jar is a consistent size to some plastic containers as well such as Miracle Whip or peanut butter jars.  We have found that the Active yogurt and the Dole fruit containers match perfectly for sitting atop the plastic and glass jars before sealing.  The yogurt containers did need to be slightly trimmed (you find out how in the video above).

So treat yourself to some delish ideas for snacks while at work!

Gourmet Work Snack Ideas

Four Gourmet snacks

Grape & Cheese Kabobs w/ Sweet Greek Yogurt Dip

Supplies needed:  Grapes, cheese squares, long toothpicks, THHB Slow Cooker Greek Yogurt, honey, lemon, container.

Prepare grapes of your choice.  Prepare cheese squares (you can buy them already square or cut up a block of cheese into squares).  Slide the grapes and cheese squares onto the toothpick alternating them.  Prepare the Sweet Greek Yogurt dip by placing a 1/4 cup of the Greek Yogurt into the small top container.  Mix in 1/2 tsp each of honey and lemon.  Place the grape and cheese kabobs into your jar/container and place the dip on top and seal.  This snack must be refrigerated.

Grape and Cheese Kabobs

7 Layer Dip with Tostitos on the Bottom

Supplies needed:  Salsa (of your choice), shredded cheese, THHB Slow Cooker Greek Yogurt, cut up tomatoes, mashed avocado, cooked ground burger, green onions (optional), and container.

Prepare mashed avocado and ground burger.   Prepare the Greek Yogurt. You can prepare a few of these dips in advance.  place a Tablespoon of ground burger on the bottom and spoon some salsas on top to cover. Layer the rest according to your tastes. Place the Tostitos into your jar/container and place the dip on top and seal.  This snack must be refrigerated.

**Note: Tostitos can be stored in the pantry and added to the jar/container at the last minute to help keep them fresh.

3 Layer Dip with Tostitas

Strawberry Salad w/ Salad Dressing

Supplies needed:  Lettuces of your choice, shredded sharp cheddar cheese (optional), fresh strawberries, salad dressing of your choice.  We used a balsamic vinaigrette (you can make your own simply at KitchenTreaty.com.

Prepare lettuces of your choice.  Toss the lettuces and shredded sharp cheddar cheese together and place in the bottom of the jar/conatiner. Prepare the strawberries (you can buy them already cut up if desired).  Let the strawberries dry after washing then place on top of the salad.  This will keep them from getting soggy in the salad before you are ready to eat it. Place a 1/4 cup of your salad dressing choice into the small container and place it on top and seal.  This snack must be refrigerated.

Strawberry Salad

Gourmet Tuna Salad and Crackers

Supplies needed: Small can of Tuna Fish, finely chopped onion and dill pickles (to taste), mayonnaise, splash of lemon, crackers of your choice (I like Triscuits myself) and container.

Prepare Tuna salad by adding draining liquid.  Add finely chopped onions, pickles and mayonnaise and mix well.  Place tuna mixture into the small top container.  Place the crackers into your jar/container and place the tuna mixture on top and seal.  This snack must be refrigerated.

**Note: Crackers can be stored in the pantry and added to the jar/container at the last minute to help keep them fresh.

Tuna Fish and Crackers


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