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How To Install A Luxury Vinyl Floor on Concrete

How To Install A Luxury Vinyl Floor on Concrete

I bet if you have a basement you have thought about installing some sort of flooring to dress it up some.  JT Floor Covering out of Interlochen, Michigan shows us how with step-by-step easy to understand instructions.

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Glad your here!  Grab a seat and we’ll get started on HOW you can install your very own luxury vinyl tile floor!  My son Jason, the owner of JT Floor Covering showed us in very easy to understand steps.  Come let us share with you.

The Truth

Originally, we were going to film with two cameras so we could also take pictures to post with our to-do steps here, but alas we had one that failed us (isn’t it always something).

However, the good news is that we captured enough (more than) video to show you how you can install a luxury vinyl floor yourself easily.  Please make sure you watch the video first and refer back to our step-by-step instructions as a guide.


  1. Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly.
  2. Scrape all irregularities off the floor.
  3. Once again sweep and vacuum.
  4. Mark your area with a chalk line. In order to get a straight chalk line for a starting point, measure from one wall to your beginning area. We took the chalk line and stretched from one side of the studio to the other. Then Jason snapped the chalk line, leaving a straight edge to start the flooring from.
  5. Mix the Prepstar cement. This is a cement-based skimcoat that is used to smooth out the floor.
  6. Using a trowel, apply a thin coat to the surface. Once cement is applied, allow to dry thoroughly.   We used fans to speed up the drying process.
  7. Apply adhesive to the floor.  We used the brand 6200 adhesive.
  8. Using a trowel apply a thin coat of adhesive in a figure 8 pattern (see video).
  9. Once the floor has a clear sheen to it this indicates that the adhesive is tacky and ready for the next step.
  10. While the floor is drying, you can use a box-cutter (utility knife) to pre-cut the starting tiles in measured increments.  Our tiles where 48 inches long. In order to make a staggered pattern, we cut off between 6-40 inches off the tiles that formed the starting side.
  11. After placing the starter side of tiles on to the cement floor (they will look like a set of steps-see video), use full length tiles, butting up to each other snugly. Smooth down each tile with light pressure after it has been placed down. Immediately remove any adhesive that has come in contact with the top side of the vinyl tile, using a wet cloth.
  12. Apply pressure to the freshly laid floor by using a vinyl floor roller to seal the seams of each tile and remove any air bubbles. This will also help to attach the tile to the surface permanently. You can rent a roller from places like Home Depot.
  13. Finish off the vinyl floor by installing either a transitional or binder strip, depending on what it butts up to. We used a binder strip as we installed carpet in the filming section of the studio after laying the luxury vinyl floor.
  14. Celebrate a job well done & enjoy!


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