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How To Conquer Your SmartPhone 101 Episode 2

Episode 2: SmartPhone Controls

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We are glad you are here at The Hard Hat Belles website.  We have been busy filming future videos including more episodes on How To Conquer Your SmartPhone.  We have been combining the filming with teaching some of our more challenged friends (Joyce) and family (Pat) how to conquer their smart phones.  Let’s get started and see how well it went; grab your cup and your seat and we’ll get with  today’s topic – Conquer Your Smart Phone 101 Episode 2 (or II).

Tea for twoPhones Back In The Good Ole Days

I am really not that old, (at least I don’t think so), rotary dial phonebut in the last several years telephones have really come a long way.  I can remember rotary phones and when you dialed the phone they made these strange musical noises and then when the dialer would come back to it’s original position, it made another musical noise.  The next telephone I remembered was a push button phone.  You not only used them for communication, but people were also creating tunes Push button phone that ranged from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to the Three Blind Mice and more.  Their notes were a little more musical and keyboard style; like a piano. Then there were the party lines.  Households within a community shared phone lines and only one family or household could use it at a time.  I remember hearing my parents talk about having to wait (sometimes complaining about the long winded talkers),  until others were done using the phone line in order to place their calls.  You knew someone was on the party line when you picked up your phone and you’d hear a conversation and you’d hear a conversation like this, “. . . and Mary Lou was late to class because she was caught holding hands with George . . . ,”  (just kidding).  But can you imagine the privacy issues back then.   Hmmmm. . . . . . do you think a lot of gossip went on during that time?

History Buffs

If you would like to learn a little more fun history facts about cell phones or just the telephone in general I recommend visiting             The Art Institute’s website or  The FCC Kids Zone or BGR Media, LLC, which shows a brief timeline of the house to cell phone history along with some pictures (for those too young to have experienced the earlier models).

The Here & Now

And here we are – back into the here and now where we are currently using these super small phones (compared to the older ones). You can get a cell phone that is just for talking or one that can do everything your computer at home does.  There appears to be a variety of styles and types to chose from.

Conquering The SmartPhone

We are truly blessed to be living in a time where we can have affordable cell phones that we can take with us when traveling long distances to provide a way to contact others in case we break down or if there is an emergency on the road, which could possibly save lives.

Unfortunately,  for those who do not understand how to operate the cell phone, SmartPhone, or IPhone it can be very frustrating, especially as new and improved models are rolled out on a regular basis.

Slow & Easy

Here at The Hard Hat Belles we are providing a simple, easy, slow, step-by-step method to learn how to use those SmartPhones without stress and we hope, providing some laughter.  We are starting with the basics of the basics from removing the phone from the original container to how to operate the camera and menu settings (future releases).  If this series is helping you or someone you know, please let us know and we will continue with a more in-depth series once all the basics are covered.  Happy SmartPhoning!!

Conquer Your SmartPhone 101:            The Basics 2 (II)

We recommend that you start at the beginning of the series Conquer Your SmartPhone 101: The Basics 1 and watch the video and work your way through to the end of the series.

SmartPhone Control instructions

SmartPhone Control instructionsNOTE:  We are covering a very board spectrum of SmartPhones, so yours just might be slightly different.  Some of the volume buttons may also be on the back of the phone as well.


Once you have completed The Basics 2 tutorial you will be ready to tackle the next video – The Basics III (3), where we will explain the SmartPhone home screen and and it’s icons.  Please join us for the next video and blog.  Remember to subscribe below to be notified when the next episode in this series is released.

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