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Repurposed Picture Frame: Change with each Holiday or Season


Don’t throw out those picture frames that are missing the glass (because your husband broke it!). . . We have a cool solution to repurpose it into a crafty seasonal/holiday wreath (of sorts).

Hi Y’All,

So glad you’ve stopped by for another chat, drink and craft!  A few years back my husband (bless his heart) was hanging my pictures for me and dropped one.  Yes, the glass broke.  I always intended to get the glass replaced, but never happened.  Now I have a new purpose for that frame that I am excited about and we hope you will be too.

Tea for two

Minimizing & Repurposing

I am currently going through my house (which is chaos at the moment) to downsize all the “stuff” I thought I needed at one time.  I guess you could think of it as the opposite of nesting.  One of the things that I really need to get rid of are all the old, empty picture frames that “someday I was going to get the glass replaced” but never did.

Macmillandictionary.com explains repurposing like this, “to reuse something for a different purpose from the one that was originally intended.”

I was really excited about this craft of repurposing picture frames – as it fits with my nature on so many levels; frugality, crafting and usefulness.  Psst….My family can look forward to receiving their very own repurposed picture frame that they can use all year round….don’t tell.

Get Creative

Wiebke and I have very different tastes when it comes to being creative (that’s why we work so well together), and we have come up with several ideas that you can do with your picture frames.  And if you don’t have any picture frames you can purchase them inexpensively at a thrift store near you as we did for the ones we are going to show you below.

Your creativeness is going to make each one unique. So use your imagination.  We used a lot of the supplies we had around our house. I love scrapbooking so I had quite a bit of the supplies on hand.  Wiebke loves to create themes for parties and gifts for her friends and family and she had several of her supplies on hand as well.  So rummage through you cabinets and cupboards to see how you can use your supplies to the best of your imagination.  Let’s get started. . .

Repurposed Picture Frame

The basic supplies you need: Old wood picture frame (we both used 14″ x 16″ frames), spray paint (optional), twine or ribbon, small hooks, and the clothespins with the metal in the middle (Wiebke used a medium size and I used the super tiny ones).

Additional optional supplies: Scrapbooking paper (or similar), stickers, markers etc.

Step 1:  Prep your frame.  Make sure it is clean.  If you spray paint yours as I did, it may take a few coats, but make sure it is dry before you continue.  I let mine stand for 48 hours after the last coat (3).

Step 2: Insert hooks into the frame inner edge as shown below.  I used the existing metal tabs on mine (I think I prefer the hooks though).  Starting close to the top and then approximately 2-3″ lower.  This seems to be a good height for the message(s) to hang.

Step 3: Measure out the twine, ribbon, string that you choose to use and leave at least 4-6 inches extra.  This allows for tying it onto the hooks/metal tabs, as well as leaving enough to tie a bow at the other end (on the metal tab I wrapped it twice around before pressing the tab down into place).  This allows a quick release to change out the message.  Note: Wiebke put glue on the end of her twine and let it dry to keep the twine for fraying.

Step 4: You can either thread the twine/ribbon through the metal part on the clothespin or you can clip them to the twine/ribbon.  If you do the clipped on method you will want to have it hanging in place beforehand to make the clipping easier.

Step 5: Time to use your imagination to create your message(s).  Wiebke created specific messages for the Merry Christmas, Happy July 4th and the Advent Acts of Kindness.  I created a multiple alphabet so I could create several different messages as the mood strikes. Below are some examples of what we created.

NOTE:  Since the picture frame I purchased from the thrift store had glass in it I took the repurposing a step further.  Using some chalk spray paint I covered one side of the glass with it.  It looks good and I was hoping to be able to chalk on that side so it could also be used as a message board, however unless I was very careful the chalk marked through it.  I am still researching on how to seal it.


On the flip side, I did find a way to use it as a very pretty dry erase board using chalk markers on the glass side not sprayed with chalkboard paint.

You could also use it behind your message as a backdrop.  Multipurpose Repurposed Picture Frame.

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Hi Y’All!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have such a easy and quick craft to make.  Grab your cup of coffee, tea or whatever and pull up a seat to find out more about it.

Tea for two

Our Mothers

Mother’s are pretty special people, right?  I mean really, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.  Not everyone is fortunate to have a traditional biological mom to grow up with (I didn’t), but most of us have a “mom” figure in our lives and they are just as important.  They keep us accountable and love us regardless of the messes we create.  Being a mom I totally get that.

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

If you think about it mom’s have come a long way since the 50’s.  You have the Donna Reed, Leave It To Beaver, and I Love Lucy shows that all depicted stay at home moms.  They took care of the house, kids and had dinner on the table at a certain time every day.

Then if you zoom right into the year 2016 moms are doing everything.  Cooking dinner, caring for the house, taking care of kids, and working full time jobs to help make ends meet.  Don’t get me wrong, some woman want and like a career, but if you’re a mom, you now feel like you need to be supermom – doing it all.  Especially us control freaks – right Wiebke?

Slow Changes & Baby Steps

I have to admit that it is nice to see dads playing a big part in their children’s lives today.  They are not limited to just being the bread winners.  The stigma of being that type of dad is lessening and society is becoming more accepting of stay at home dads and working moms.  Where responsibilities are being shared by both parents and you can decide who does what in your family dynamics and not worry about what others think.  Seriously, we should all be too busy to care about what others think. . . .

Honoring Your Mom

To help honor our mom’s – all types of moms (grandmas, aunts, sisters, friends), we have an easy and quick wood block photo frame that only takes minutes to make.

They will love this frame where the pictures can be changed out as children and grandchildren grow up.  Wiebke and I made the frames to put our own mother’s photos in them.  Wiebke’s Mutti Wood Photo Framepassed away a few years ago so she is displaying her cherished mom’s pictures in her wood photo frame.  I am fortunate to still have my mom with us and I am already displaying my wood photo frame on my family tree shelf – a place of honor.  I am also planning on gifting my daughter-in-laws with woodRustic Wooden Photo Frame block photo frames and putting pictures of my grandchildren in them.  My granddaughter helped me with the research and was excited to make one for her mom as well.  So, if you have little ones that like to get into the thick of things then this is a perfect quick and easy craft to do with them.

Enjoy using your creativity to create your own unique design for the loved one in your family.

The really nice thing about making this wood block photo frame is that you can choose the size of the block of wood you want to use and the size of the photo to go in it.  One thing you want to make sure of is that you choose the right width (no less than 1 3/4-2″) of  wood so that it stands on it’s own.

Rustic Wooden Photo Frame Craft


Wood block, wood stain or paint, a paintbrush, a staple gun or hot glue gun, jute, twine, ribbons and embellishments if you wish.

  • Sand the rough edges on the wood block.Rustic Wood Block Frame
  • Using a paintbrush to apply stain/paint to the wood block.Painting wooden block
  • Wait for the wood block to dry – about 30-60 minutes.
  • At this point you may want to add an additional coat of stain or paint, if so add additional drying time.
  • Apply the twine/ribbon/jute to the block and secure it with the staple or glue gun. You can either apply it crisscross, or you can just apply two or three strands of jute lined up toward the bottom of the block.  Use your imagination.Pearls strung on wood photo frame
  • Add your embellishments to the front of the block and this project is done.Wooden Block Frame embellishmentsNote: Disclaimer

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