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How To Conquer Your SmartPhone 101- Episode 5


Do you need help making, receiving or rejecting phone calls? We have easy, step-by-step down to earth instructions for you to follow through our “How To Conquer Your SmartPhone 101” series.  In episode 5 we take you through the process in our video and on our website TheHardHatBelles.com. So whether you are a hands on learner or visual learner we’ve got you covered.  Let’s get started!

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And welcome back to another episode in the series “How To Conquer Your SmartPhone 101.”  In this episode we will be teaching you how to make, receive and reject cell phone calls.  Grab a cup of you favorite beverage, a seat and your SmartPhone and let’s get started.Tea for two

Making a Phone Call

To make a phone call from your SmartPhone you will want to make sure that the phone is on.  On most phones the phone icon (or picture) is located on the first screen of your phone when it is turned on.  Follow the instructions below to make a phone call.

Conquer You SmarPhone 101 Episode 5

Once you have completed the call you will tap the phone icon to end the call.

Receiving or Rejecting a Phone Call

To receive a phone or reject a phone option will take place when your SmartPhone rings alerting you that a call is coming in.  To receive or reject a phone call follow the directions below.

Conquer You SmarPhone 101 Episode 5

Once you have completed the Make, Receive and Reject a Phone Call tutorial you will be ready to tackle the next video episode 6  – Send and Receive Text Messages – where we will explain how to easy it is to text with your friends and family with your SmartPhone.

Remember that you can always access our previous videos Playlist here to review or cover the basics if you need a refresher course.

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